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How to get your Sticker

Method #1:

  1. First, we recommend that you visit the "Non-profits" menu page. Hover over "Non-Profits" and select a theme that you are interested in. (Environmental, Health Awareness, Humanitarian and Educational)

  2. After making your selection, displayed will be descriptions/ mission statements of all the non-profits we support for your specific theme selection. (These are the organizations that you will choose to have your funds Donated to at Checkout!)

  3. From here, you can click on the Red "Click Here to get your...Sticker" button. This will take you to the sticker designs available for that specific subtopic. Make your Sticker selection and Which organization you want your sticker funds to be donated to and Check Out!


Method #2:

  1. Click the "Get Your Sticker" Menu item.

  2. Here you will see all the sticker designs that artists from all around the world have provided. 

  3. Pick and Sticker that you like.

  4. Choose an organization that you want your sticker funds to be Donated to.

  5. Choose a quantity 

  6. Checkout!


You will receive a confirmation email and a  Donation Receipt from us depending on whichever non-profit organization you chose at checkout!


All Profits Donated!

What is "Stick Up"?

"Stick Up" is a website supporting over 130+ non-profit organizations through the use of Stickers. We have  4 main Themes: Humanitarian, Educational, Health, and Environmental, each containing multiple sub-topics. We have over 50 sticker designs, designed by artists across the world, that support a wide range of causes. A donor can purchase any sticker of their choice, and decide which non-profit organization they want the money to go to. 100% of the profits are donated to the organization!


Why you should donate through "Stick Up"

$5 Donated to a Non-Profit= 1 Sticker

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Reason #1

"Stick Up" brings attention to over 130 Non-profit organizations that support causes we think are important. We plan on adding even more organizations in the future. 

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Reason #2

We acknowledge that anyone would like to receive a little "thank you" gift for donating to an organization, in our case they are beautiful stickers. A sticker costs $5. In other words, for every $5 you donate, you will receive a sticker of your choice. Not only will you be donating to an organization of your choice but, if used properly, a sticker can bring even more attention to a movement that needs it. 

Disclaimer: Sticker production costs vary between designs.  

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Reason #3

While a major goal of "Stick Up" is to bring attention to a wide array of movements, it is also a platform for artists around the world. We have brought together 50+ artists, and hope to expand this family. This way, artists will get proper recognition for their art and continue to pursue their passion. 

Contact Us

For customer service and request for your Non-Profit or sticker design to be included:

For feedback/issues of any sort: (Jeffrey Perera) (Nethra Karthik) (Joanna Perera)

Send Us a Message 

Thanks for submitting!

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