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About Us

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“Stick Up” is a website that serves to bring and spread awareness to over 130 non-profit organizations through the use of stickers. Each and every organization is one that we think supports a great cause and is on the track to change this world. Our Sticker gallery is designed by over 30 artists from all around the world.


Why you should donate through us:

1.) For every $5 Donated, You will receive a sticker of your choice from our vast Sticker Gallery.

2.)  We, Humans, maintain busy lives that hinder our ability to constantly display support for a cause; however, this should not be the case. With the help of a Sticker on your car bumper, your water bottle, or the back of your laptop, you can constantly show your support anywhere and everywhere you go.


Note: A Sticker should not be your only means of showing support but for the times when you're in a limited setting, a sticker should do.

3.) “Stick Up” is also a platform where artists can gain recognition of their work while also uniting to support non-profits that work to bring necessary change to our world. If you would like to have your art on "Stick Up", please contact us :)

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"Stick Up"

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While scrolling through Instagram during the start of the awfully boring quarantine Summer of 2020, I saw the unacceptable racism displayed through the death of George Floyd. There was no possible way I could stare at my phone and dismiss the horrible issue displayed especially being a Sri-Lankan who had experienced racism first hand. My parents, harboring a quarantine mindset, would not give me permission to attend any protest as they usually involved large groups of people. Understandable. That did not mean I couldn’t help out the movement I soon became passionate about; It just meant I was going to find another way. I searched for any Instagram artists that had BLM art and with their permission, I would sell their art as Stickers, $5 apiece, to anyone and everyone I could in my area. All the profits would be donated. Shout out to Eric Vozolla and StudioAshleen for giving me the opportunity to turn their art into stickers. Anyone and everyone would love to have a cute looking sticker for a movement that was in desperate need of attention, and getting one for donating was a plus that no one could deny. One would directly be donating to social service organizations that supported the cause and by simply sticking a sticker wherever they pleased, they would spread awareness and bring attention to the movement. With the help of my friend Amy Yan, I went on to raise over $1,000 within a span of 2 weeks. A month later I, Jeffrey Perera, collaborated with my twin sister, Joanna Perera, and my close friend, Nethra Karthik, and decided to make “Stick Up”.



I am Jeffrey Perera,  currently a Sophomore at the University of North Florida, I am the Co-Founder and Co-President of "Stick Up". 

Something Interesting about me:

I am Sri Lankan and lived there for 10 years of my life.

Favorite Netflix show: Breaking Bad



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I am Joanna Perera and I am a Sophomore at Syracuse University. I love to spend time with my cousins and watch Marvel movies with them. I am the Co-Founder and Co-President of "Stick Up". 

Something Interesting about me:

I lived in Sri Lanka for 10 years, then moved to New York for 1 year, and now have lived in Jacksonville for 5 years.

Favorite Netflix show: Greys Anatomy





My name is Joshua Perera and I am currently a high school senior in Jacksonville, Florida. I am very passionate about helping the community along with making the world a better place. I am the Co-Founder and Vice President of "Stick Up"!

Something Interesting about me:

I enjoy playing soccer, exercising, and traveling!  ​

Favorite Netflix show: Breaking Bad





I am Kahlil Greene! I am the Senior Strategic Advisor of "Stick Up". 

Some Fun Facts about me!

- I used to be School Mascot

- I was Co-Ed Volleyball Champion!


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